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Huangshan Photography Tours

Huangshan, also called Yellow Mountains, is best renowned for its "five wonders": the wind-carved pines, spectacular granite peaks, sea of clouds, hot spring and winter snow. It is one of the most beautiful mountains in China. It's a photographer's paradise. Only you go there, you will believe the Chinese painting is a ture view.

Photographers could capture the sunrise from the sea of clouds, sunse over the misty peaks, granite peaks and twisted pines wreathed in spectral folds of mist. If you are lucky enough, catch the best chance to take photograph of Buddha’s light (a full-circle rainbow). After the photography tour in Yellow Mountains, spend one day exploring ancient villages, like Chenkan and Bagua village, which are famous for their special architecture. Xidi and Hongchun are two most famous ancient villages, it is pretty touristy and crowded now. Can visit there in early morning or late afternoon to avoid tourist groups.

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