Yellow Mountains in Mist

Amazing Huangshan Photography Tour | 1-6 Days

If you ever see a Chinese painting with foggy mountains, it is about Guilin karst mountains or Yellow Mountains in Huangshan.

This tour covers 1-6 days itinerary, including almost all best of Huangshan photography locations and activities, sunrise, sunset, rocky mountains, ancient villages and birds photography.

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DAY 1 in
Xidi & Hongcun Ancient Village
Hongcun Village

Drive one hour from downtown, we are going to visit the two ancient villages Hongcun and Xidi, both of them are listed as UNESCO’S World Cultural Heritage Sites.

Hongcun has been named "a village in the Chinese painting" with 800 years’ history. One of the locations for the Oskar-awarded movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". It is a perfect place for traditinal houses and reflections shooting at anytime.

Xidi is an ideal place to see typical Anhui-style houses where residents have lived there for centuries. It will give visitors the rare opportunity to explore China's ancient culture and arts of architectures. Shoot the unique roofs.

Suggested Accommodations

Huangshan International Hotel (Medium)
Highlights in your itinerary
Hongcun Village Old Houses Reflections in Hongcun Village
Xidi Village Xidi Village
Snow Scenery in Xidi Village Snow Scenery in Xidi Village
DAY 2 in
Yellow Mountains

Starting from your hotel in downtown, drive to Yellow Mountains (70 min drive from downtown to parking lot, 20 min drive by shutter bus, and then 20 min cable car). Cable car is good chance to enjoy the scenery and pine trees from above.

The guide will take you to visit Shixin Peak first, and many other photography spots on the way, shoot amazing rocks and pine trees.

Lunch in the hotel. Going to Lion Peak, one of the best locations for rocky mountains and valley photography. Expecting to shoot sunset or mist in the valley.

Suggested Accommodation

Beihai Hotel (Medium)
Highlights in your itinerary
Lion Peak of Yellow Mountains Rocky Mountains
Lion Peak of Yellow Mountains Misty Valley
Lion Peak of Yellow Mountains Rocky Mountains and Pine Trees
DAY 3 in
Yellow Mountains

Starting at 5am, climbing the Lion Peak to shoot sunrise and rocky mountains.

After breakfast, moving to the next big photography location: West Sea Grand Canyon. The complex place for rocky mountains, sea of clouds, pine trees, canyon, and birds photography.

Take some amazing shots in Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion, an ideal spot to shoot the stone forests and U-shaped valley. Then walk down to the bottom of the canyon in one hour, shoot spectacular rocks in a very short distance.

After a short break in the next hotel, walking to a cliff-side to shoot the rocky mountains and stone forest at sunset. The most possible place to photograph the sea of clouds.

Suggested Accommodation

Baiyun Hotel (Medium)
Highlights in your itinerary
xianggong hill sunset and li river bend Misty Rocky Mountains
herbalist doctor West Sea Grand Canyon
local farmers worked in the fields Birds Photography & Birding
DAY 4 in
Ancient Villages & Birds Photography
water baffulo in village bridge

Starting from downtown, heading to an hidden ancient village on top of a mountain. The village still keeps the traditional Anhui-style houses. Walking to the view point in half an hour, shoot the traditional village in bamboo forest, and sea of clouds asthe the backdrop.

In the afternoon, heading to Xixinan village next to a stream. Good place for birds and squirrel photography, possible to see Red-billed Blue Magpie, Gray-headed Woodpecker, Kingfisher, Light Vented Bulbul, Lonchurastriata and etc.

Suggested Accommodations

Huangshan International Hotel (Medium)
Highlights in your itinerary
Xixinan Ancient Village Xixinan Ancient Village
Gray-headed Woodpecker Gray-headed Woodpecker
Kingfisher Kingfisher
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